Photo Credit: Colourful Crystal Ball by Cillian Storm

Photo Credit: Colourful Crystal Ball by Cillian Storm

Featured in “Cassandra,” The Economist’s forecasting blog, Professor Thomas Malnight of the IMD business school in Lausanne and Tracey Keys of Strategy Dynamics Global highlight 10 trends that business leaders need to focus on today. These trends are featured in the new Global Trends Report for 2013:

Social Everything: New Generations and their Digital World Stepping Forward

Redefining Value: The Consumer is Winning the Fight to Own the Consumer

Distributed Everything: Mobility in Production and Consumption

The Next “Industrial” Revolution: Robots and Smart Machines Reshaping Work

The New Space Race: Pushing the Frontiers of Technology Once Again?

Geopolitical Wars: The Fight to Control the Future

Resource Wars Escalating: From a World of Abundance to Shortage

Business Stepping Up: From Profit to Purpose

Information is Power: The Security Challenge

Who Needs Banks Anyway? Reshaping the Financial System