There is a sign at the second floor nurse’s station at The Pines, an assisted living facility in Marietta, Ohio about nurses being angels here on earth.  I can’t remember exactly how it reads, but it is true, nurses are angels. This last year has been a rough one, losing my mother in May and my father the end of October. The nursing staff, along with hospice and caregivers, nursed and lovingly cared for both of them. Through all of this, their cat, Jimmy, a big guy with a gentle soul, stayed with them and comforted them.  The nurses asked the family if he could stay on at the Pines and become the second floor cat.  Jimmy now makes the rounds with the nurses and provides comfort and company to the residents. This post is not particularly about business, but any story about selflessness is worth sharing, especially during the holiday season.

Jimmy discovering the first floor and The Pines

Jimmy discovering the first floor at The Pines