I know, another post about trends and the Consumer Electronics Show – forgive me. I can’t resist because these are really interesting. Larry Popelka (Businessweek.com) provides his picks for the top 10 technology trends from the 2013 CES:

Tablets everywhere

Smartphones replace remote controls

Cameras everywhere – they are small and are being adopted for many new uses, including live-streaming meetings and daily business activities

The age of drones – “some companies have placed tiny wireless cameras on inexpensive remote-controlled drones so they can be used as unmanned surveillance devices”

Virtual salespeople

Smart homes – “large appliance manufacturers such as LG and Samsung have self-monitoring refrigerators, ovens, and clothes washers that report performance and allow users to control them remotely with an iPhone”

Human monitoring – monitors for heart, calories burned and eating patterns

Brain control – “by monitoring brainwaves and converting them into energy, it is possible for humans to move physical objects simply by concentrating”

Ultra-high definition

Portable power