PSFK has come up with a new 138-page report that predicts the future of work and where we go from here. Fast Company’s Ariel Schwartz provides takeaways:

Startup Training and Skills Marketplaces – Learning initiatives for young entrepreneurs, such as Virtual learning libraries, will proliferate. Skills Marketplaces, which allow employers to quickly access applicant skills via social tools will be popular.

The Office Feedback Culture – Look for real-time online suggestion boxes and workplace sentiment readings.

Quantified Workers – “The next steps are ‘a system that is constantly collecting and visualizing employee performance’ letting workers constantly rank each other on contributions and skills.”

More Social Communication Tools – Telecommuting communication tools will become more sophisticated including virtual spaces for collaboration and visual tools.

Telepresence Proliferates – “PSFK cites current advances in in-home high-definition video conferencing, haptic remote robots (these mirror a user’s body reactions on a robot located elsewhere), desk-lamp shaped projection devices, and telepresence robots as harbingers of what’s to come.”

The Pop-Up Healthy Workplace – Chair-based exercise systems is one example of addressing the effects for sitting long hours at a time.