Morten T. Hansen (HBR Blog Network) writes a post entitled Executive Education is Ripe for Online Disruption that discusses how the executive education market is at risk to be overtaken by online education. Hansen cites the examples of how Khan Academy and MOOCs are disrupting elementary school and college education via an “online revolution.” Executive educators are hoping that their “person-to-person” sharing (or tacit knowledge) strategy will keep them protected from change.

Hansen lists the drivers accelerating online disruption in Exec Ed:

  • Many companies have online learning platforms they need content for, creating demand;
  • Spending a week in an exec ed program is consuming so much time that alternatives such as a hybrid online program look attractive;
  • Ever-better technologies make the online experience more appealing;
  • Pressures on cost will lead to more adoption of online exec ed;
  • Another reason for getting people together in an exec ed program — that of networking — can be done through online networking tool, so why meet?