“Organizational social media literacy is fast becoming a source of competitive advantage.” This great quote comes from a McKinsey Quarterly article where authors Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton interviewed executives at General Electric on their experiences about their journeys to social media literacy. Qualities that are normally associated with effective leadership (strategic creativity, agility, communication) need to be “amplified” and a new type of leader is needed that “can excel at cocreation and collaboration—the currencies of the social-media world.” Here are the “six-dimensional set of skills and organizational capabilities leaders must build to create an enterprise level of media literacy:”

  1. The leader as producer: Creating compelling content (produce and share rich media)
  2. The leader as distributor: Leveraging dissemination dynamics (reversal of standard information process)
  3. The leader as recipient: Managing communication overflow (information is now shared, not passive)
  4. The leader as advisor and orchestrator: Driving strategic social media utilization (tutors of all social-media activities)
  5. The leader as architect: Creating an enabling organizational infrastructure (encouraging free exchange while enforcing controls)
  6. The leader as analyst: Staying ahead of the curve (keeping up with emerging trends and innovations)