Forbes contributor Andrea Simon has created a list of the top ten business trends from the trenches for 2013. The “in the trenches” refers to how leaders of mid-market companies respond to changing times. Dr. Simon, through speaking directly with these leaders states “they might not answer a survey or even be aware of how their situations reflect a larger pattern, but their candor helps us see what’s occurring now – and where we need to stimulate more change.” The trends:

1.    The Power of Women is Growing.

2.    The Middleman is Becoming Extinct.

3.    Entrepreneurs are Everywhere.

4.    Off-label Use of Products and Technology is Creating a New R&D Department – The User.

5.    Healthcare is in Turmoil.

6.    Family Firms Claim the Greatest Part of America’s Wealth.

7.    Culture Change is a Big Area of Concern.

8.    Made in the USA is Catching On.

9.    Blue Ocean Strategies are Really Working.

10   Sustainability Directors are an Entirely New Market that Should be Tapped.