Forbes contributor Jacob Morgan lists 5 key trends that business leaders need to follow closely:

Behaviors shaped by social media entering the enterprise – “new behaviors such as creating communities, being open and transparent, sharing information and ideas, easily being able to find people and information, and collaboration….  are now making their way into our organizations”

New collaborative technologies – “Hierarchies are being flattened as virtually any employee can connect or communicate with anyone else at the company regardless of seniority and information is being opened up instead of being locked down.”

Shift to the “cloud” – “Virtually every collaboration platform today has a cloud-based deployment option.”

Millennials as the majority workforce – “By 2020 millennials are projected to be half of the entire U.S. workforce.”

Mobility and “Connecting to work” – “The notion of having to work 9-5 and commuting to an office is dead.”