KPMG’s report, Private Company Outlook 2013: Leading the Way To Recovery presents “a snapshot of the current performance and forward-looking priorities of leading midsize private enterprises through case studies, benchmarking and analysis.” Here are some the key findings from the report:

  • 58% of 473 private company executives say their companies are poised for revenue growth of 6% or greater in the year ahead.
  • “Two out of five [executives from private companies], 40%, say their current year on year profits increased 6% or more—with 20% saying profits grew 11% or more. Looking at the year ahead, profitability is expected to further improve: 51% say profits will grow 6% or more; 23% expect growth of 11% or more.”
  • Private companies are contributing to job growth. Over half, 56% indicate they will be increasing their staff next year.
  • 57% of respondents say regulatory changes, at the federal level, “are exacting a negative impact on their businesses. But 44% are also wary of regulation at the state and local level.”
  • For the coming year, areas of investment include IT, new product development and new markets. However, navigating new regulations will divert executives’ attention.