Information Today has compiled a great list of apps, all free, to help you choose that perfect book for your summer vacation. These apps will help you find a title to read or allow you to join a reading community “to share your thoughts about your favorite best-seller with a virtual book club.” Here are the seven apps with brief descriptions (directly quoted):

Goodreads – has more than 12 million books in its database and more than 10 million members who actively share their favorite books, reviews, and insights with the Goodreads community – Apple (iOS 4.3 and later) and Android devices (1.5 and later).

LibraryThing – a social cataloging service, includes more than 82 million books that its 1.7 million members have catalogued  – Apple (iOS 4.3 and later) and Android devices (2.0 and later).

Copia – bills itself as “the world’s first social eReading experience,” a platform that connects you with other book lovers – Apple (iOS 5.0 and later) and Android devices (2.2 and later).

Zola Books – a socially integrated ebook retailer and publisher, opens the doors to a collection of 40,000 ebooks – Apple devices (iOS 5.1 and later).

Bookish – is a newcomer to the collaborative e-reading arena that Hachette Book Group, Penguin Group, and Simon & Schuster launched earlier this year – Apple (iOS 4.3 and later) and Android devices (2.2 and later). Here is one of my earlier posts on Bookish.

eBookMail – an ebook retailer, has more than 400,000 ebooks on its digital shelves – Apple devices (iOS 6.0 and later). – is a growing virtual community where readers can find new authors and a collection of 7 million books that its users and established reviewers have endorsed – Apple (iOS 4.3 and later) and Android devices (2.2 and later).