Fast Company’s Ben Schiller introduces us to eight next-generation jobs that people will have in 2025. These jobs are imagined by staff members at Sparks & Honey, a New York trend-spotting firm. Click here for the full post and narration of the jobs provided by CEO Terry Young.

  1. Digital Death Manager – “life logging” will be a way of life
  2. Un-Schooling Counselor – “concept of education as a four-year box-ticking exercise will be over”
  3. Armchair Explorer – checks on connected machines and their surroundings
  4. 3-D Printing Handyman – prints parts on spot as needed
  5. Microbial Balancer – Feng Shui concept, but with your bacteria
  6. Corporate Disorganizer – introduces “organized chaos” (similar to startups)
  7. Digital Detox Specialist – helps ease digital overload issues to find better balance
  8. The Urban Shepard – greener cities will need curators of infrastructure and vertical gardens