Fast Company Design has posted “15 Tech Trends That Will Define 2014, Selected by Frog.” Here are some of the interesting trends being offered. Click here to read all the trends, with descriptions.

Anonymity Will Go Mainstream – “In 2014 we’ll see an influx of platforms catering to a digital experience grounded in anonymity. The rise of “The Snapchats” is going mainstream. – John Leonard, Adam Silver, and Carlos Elena-Lenz

Disconnecting in the Modern, Digital World – “You will step into a library and disconnect. The theater will hush and your GPS will shut off.” –Timothy Morey

Rise of the Chinese Internet Giants – WeChat “not only will they unseat Facebook, [it] will also disrupt the enterprise communications, financial services, and retail industries on a large scale.” –Steve Boswell

Mind Control – “Our ability to control objects with our minds will be within reach as more companies look toward experiences that directly harness electrical signals from our brain.” –Kenji Huang

Augmented Reality – “Today they are evolving on a new path integrating with our physiology; we are “hacking” the human body and the senses.” –Antonio De Pasquale

The Uber-Fication of Services – “2014 will see this ‘on-demand’ model extend across other personal services, from home maintenance to dog walking.” –Michael Robertson

Qualified Self at the Office – “How, when, and where you spend your time at work will be automatically captured and translated into timesheets, project management software, and analytics dashboards.” – Clint Rule