From Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List, here are the ten most innovative companies in productivity. All of these forward-thinking companies provide services that make life easier for the business professional. Dropbox, Box, and Evernote are especially helpful for research initiatives, via innovative document/content management and sharing.

1. Dropbox – “For stepping up its omnipresence in users’ lives through smart partnerships and acquisitions.”

2. Google – “For devising the artificially intelligent personal assistant.”

3. Box – “For tailoring an industry-specific cloud service to put businesses back in control of their documents.”

4. IFTTT – “For letting users automate the madness of all of their apps.”

5. SwiftKey – “For drawing the envy of iPhone users with its predictive Android keyboard app.”

6. Fancy Hands – “For assembling the future of on-demand labor.”

7. – “For elbowing through a crowd of to-do-list apps.”

8. Evernote – “For quietly jogging the memories of enterprise users and extending its brand into the analog world.”

9. Pocket – “For changing the way we ‘read it later.”‘

10. Moleskin – “For delighting creatives with digital collaborations.”