In a LinkedIn Official Blog post, written by Sohan Murthy, there is an interesting section that focuses on the “top skills in several countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, the Netherlands, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.” Of the ones identified, these particular “skills trends stood out.” Summarized, they are:

  • Investing in STEM. “In the ten countries we looked at, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills made up the majority of our top 25 list.”
  • Data. Data everywhere. …”Across the globe, statistics and data analysis skills were highly valued. In the US, India, and France, cloud and distributed computing skills were in particularly high demand.”
  • It pays to know a second language. “Internationalization and localization services are valued by companies that operate globally. As such, language translation skills were among the top 25 hottest skills in many countries.”
  • Rise of the technical marketer. “In 2012, Gartner analyst Laura McLellan predicted that by 2017, CMO’s would be spending more on technology than their CIO colleagues. With digital, online, and SEO (search engine optimization) marketing skills in our global top 25 this year, there’s strong evidence that this prediction may be coming true.”