An article in Wisconsin State Journal (Jan. 6, 2015), authored by Jeff Glaze, reports on Epic Systems’ tentative expansion plans that include five buildings “that pay homage to literature classics like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory,’ and ‘Wizard of Oz.'” Innovative office spaces are not new to Epic Systems as it “finished its third set of office buildings, called the Farm Campus, in spring 2013, along with an 11,400-seat expandable auditorium known as Deep Space.” More interesting, “Epic’s fourth campus expansion, dubbed Wizards Academy, remains about a year from completion…Its buildings are meant to mimic the look of older university campuses in the U.S. and university cities in England such as Cambridge and Oxford.” Epic Systems is a medical records software company and the article states that the idea is “to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable to work in and keeps your creativity going.” In an Xconomy Wisconsin article (9/9/14), Jeff Engle quotes a statement made by company founder Judy Faulkner about attracting and retaining young talent: “We are competing for talent with Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook…We need to give these people a reason to come to Wisconsin.”