has posted an interesting infographic, originating from entitled “15 Words You Never Knew Came From Literature.” Here are words listed that are technology and/or business related, with the book title, author, and original meaning:

CyberspaceNeuromancer, William Gibson, 1984 – Used to describe the space in which communication between computers occur.

YahooGulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift, 1726 – From the name of an imaginary race of brutish creatures.

Factoid  Marilyn, Norman Mailer, 1973 – Used to describe a piece of information accepted as a fact although not true.

Freelance – Ivanhoe, Sir Walter Scott, 1820 – A mercenary knight with no allegiance, who instead offered his services in exchange for money.

Robot – Rossum’s Universal Robots, Karel Capek Rossum, 1920 – Based on the Czech word “robotnik” meaning “slave” or “worker.”

UnfriendBrut, Layamon, ca. 1190 – 1215 – Used to describe “one who is not a friend,” far before Facebook nicked it.

NerdIf I Ran the Zoo, Dr. Seuss, 1950 – A foolish or contemptible person who is boringly studious.