This is beyond clever. Caitlin Schiller of Blinkist Page19 (tag line: Insights from the world’s best business books, past page 18) introduces a new way of reading business books in her post entitled: Introducing Blink-ku: The World’s Best Nonfiction Books in Verse. Here, she writes: “Do you believe that brevity is the essence of wit?… Then treat your practical nature and your poetic soul to the latest in lyrical learning. Launching April 1st, Blink-kus immortalize the vital energy of the world’s most impactful nonfiction books in a maximum of 14 lines.”

Blink-kus are presented for various classics such as The 80/20 Principle, Getting Things Done, The 4-Hour Workweek, and Thinking Fast and Slow. Here is her Blink-ku for How to Win Friends and Influence People:

“Little Tom Rule of Thumb” (after Mother Goose)

To crush any workplace trial

 And be seen as wholly worthwhile

 The key to success

 is not hard to guess

 Say “thanks!” and remember to smile

All Blink-kus are worth the read! Be sure to check out the installment plan options and note the launch date!