Business Insider’s Jillian D’onfro complies a great list of tips to use when searching Google. She starts the article by citing a recent study that reveals “most millennials have no idea how to use Google properly.” The idea of searching efficiently is to retrieve the highest quality of search results, with the least amount of “hits” as possible. The number one time waster when researching is slogging through large numbers or irrelevant results (or “bad hits”). Here is a sampling of the tips offered:

“Say you’re looking for results about something that has several different synonyms. If you search for several phrases with “OR” between them, Google will search for both options.”

“You can also filter search results by date. That way, if you’re looking for something general like “iPhone tips,” you can find the latest information published, versus articles from several years ago that still might rank higher.”

Filtering your results. “Google has a set of ‘operators’ that you can add to your search to give it special instructions.”

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