Futurist.com has just posted an interesting article on the future of business. These trends “are not the usual suspects regarding technology, AI, robotics and the like.” Here are the five trends summarized (directly quoted).

The nature of motivation – simply working for a paycheck does not suffice for increasing numbers of people

The idea of a basic income – when wage-paying jobs become more scarce the a guaranteed basic income will enable people to pursue personal fulfillment

The role of education – education shifted in past decades from a liberal education to being job centered, but now is poised to back toward learning for personal growth and a well-rounded life

Human capital – as work shifts toward technology then companies and governments may invest less in employee development, leading to a void there and a need to address continuing eduction

Voluntary entrepreneurship – rather than entrepreneurs focused on making big money, with a basic income guarantee entrepreneurs could focus more on simply doing good if that is their passion

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