On October 8, Amazon launched Handmade, an online marketplace for handcrafted items that will compete directly with Etsy. The story was covered heavily and here are some of the more “crafty” headlines (sorry) about the launch:

Handmade At Amazon Might Unravel Etsy   – CourierJournal.com

Handmade at Amazon Could Needle Etsy   – E-Commerce Times

Amazon Gets Crafty: ‘Handmade’ Artisan Marketplace Challenges Etsy   – GeekWire

Amazon Handmade Could Craft Doom for Etsy   – MarketWatch

Amazon Crochets Itself an Etsy Rival: Handmade   – CNET

Etsy Sellers Prepare For Craft War As Amazon Enters The Handmade Market   – Buzzfeed

Amazon Takes On Etsy to See Who’s More #Authentic   – Wired

Amazon Challenges Etsy With Strictly Handmade Marketplace   – The New York Times