McKinsey’s Jacques Bughin, in his article, “Taking the Measure of the Networked Enterprise,” reveals two points that stand out in their latest analysis on the “adoption by companies of Enterprise 2.0 tools, a cluster of web-based social technologies first popularized by consumers.” The first finding is that the adoption of these technologies, such as wikis, blogs, social networks, podcasts, and video sharing, “appears to be leveling off after a decade of rapid growth.” The second is that “enterprise 2.0 tools follow power laws.” The companies that McKinsey identified as power users “reported an incremental 5 percent in value added in 2010 and of up to 6.5 percent in 2014…That seems plausible: power laws should naturally skew performance benefits toward heavier users.” They also found “that even incremental use among employees could significantly increase the value added for each technology.”