Jim O’Donnell, writing for Slate, is a professor of historical, philosophical, and religious studies and university librarian at Arizona State University. In the article, O’Donnell ponders the question, which is also the title of the article, “What Will Libraries Be Like in 2100?” The article is part of Future Tense, a collaboration among Arizona State University, New America, and Slate. O’Donnell provides interesting and optimistic predictions about collections and global accessibility.

Here is the best quote ever about libraries and librarians:

But we do need libraries. In a world of superabundant information, they curate and collect and discriminate and care for the good stuff—the stuff really smart people have worked to create and preserve, the stuff you can rely on when you want to understand the world deeply and accurately, the stuff too complicated to come into existence by crowdsourcing, too unpopular to be foisted on us by corporations or politicians. Librarians—smart, professional, dispassionate about everything but the truth—are the Jedi knights of our culture’s future and deserve to be respected for that.