NPR’s Guide to 2015’s Great Reads is not only informative, but is also visually a delight. The Guide is produced by Nicole Cohen, Rose Friedman, Petra Mayer and Beth Novey. When landing on the site, you can scroll to look at all 260 titles via their book covers. Filters can be used to explore the 260 titles that “NPR staff and critics loved this year.” (You can also combine filters!) These filters represent 29 categories. Hovering over the cover shows a quote from the recommender and a link to the full recommendation. Here are a few interesting business/technology related titles not seen (as much) on other lists:


“Only a world-class iconoclast would take on media’s biggest slab of conventional wisdom: that television will soon be killed by digital platforms.” – recommended by Eric Deggans, critic, Arts Desk





“The Dark Net is a meticulously researched and reported look at the hidden world of cryptocurrency, anonymous Web browsing and online subcultures.” – recommended by David Eads, Visuals staff





“Randall Monroe — the former NASA roboticist behind the beloved xkcd webcomic — breaks down complex stuff into simple terms … really simple terms.” – recommended by Beth Novey, Arts Desk staff





“Laura Vanderkam is a best-selling productivity author with four children, and her book is a bracingly practical corrective to the hand-wringers about women, success and having it all.” -recommended by Anya Kamenetz, blogger, NPR Ed